Raised as an only child in Manchester, England, Craig quickly developed a talent for creating his own entertainment and vividly remembers the many hours he spent mesmorised by his father’s vast collection of Northern Soul Records. Craig’s first taste of the stage came in 2001 when he landed the lead role in Charles Dickens’ classic tale of ‘Oliver Twist’ at the Gracie Fields Theatre in Rochdale. The production was a huge success and received rave reviews from the public and local press.

With the thrill of success still fresh in his mind Craig went on to participate in a number of stage productions throughout the Northwest, quickly gaining a reputation for his mature vocal performances and onstage charisma. Aged 15, he secured a speaking role in the film ‘Cold Water’, written and directed by award winning photographer Elaine Constantine. However, it was music that remained closest to his heart.

In the years that followed Craig worked closely with renowned vocal tutor James Lewis to develop his talent in both the classical and popular music disciplines. In 2004 he was awarded the ‘Shorrock and Shorrock’ Trophy for outstanding performance in the Rochdale Music Festival. It was to be the first in a long line of accolades including the Bradley Trophy in 2007 and Gracie Fields Centenary a year later. Craig’s membership to the National Youth Training Choir between 2004 and 2008 gave him the chance to perform at some of the UK’s top classical venues and work with some of the country’s leading practitioners including Greg Beadsell and Mike Brewer OBE.

Already an accomplished musician and multi instrumentalist Craig began to branch out into composition, it was here that he found true contentment in his work. In 2006, just one year after his first foray into the world of song writing Craig was selected as a finalist in the British heats of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, broadcast live on ITV2. The event was to mark a turning point in his career, after years of performing predominantly classical material he announced this was to take a back seat to allow him time to develop as a songwriter.

Craig’s musical career has led him to perform in almost every major city in the UK. Notable performances include the Bridgewater Hall, Cardiff Cathedral, Blackpool Winter Gardens, Birmingham Symphony Hall, the Harrogate International Centre, London’s Covent Garden and the Manchester Commonwealth Games closing ceremony. In addition, in early 2007 Craig was invited to perform at the Royal Albert Hall as one quarter of the barbershop quartet ‘Just 4’. The Manchester based group where selected by a panel of industry experts and shared the evening with a variety of acts from choirs to orchestras and Indian music ensembles.

Craig is currently studying for a Master of Arts in Vocal Performance at Leeds College of Music, the UK’s leading contemporary conservatoire. Since moving to Leeds in September 2008, he has worked tirelessly with leading vocal experts Dane Chalfin and Kim Chandler to expand the limits of his vocal ability and develop his artistry into the best that it can be. His dogged determination and ambitious approach to achieving his goals continue to drive him forward as he and his band prepare for the hugely anticipated E.P launch in Early 2012.


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